Welcome to the Oral History 

Sustainable South Osborne


This is a Oral History made by University of Manitoba students. They have edited interviews of people closely related to SSO. Their hope is to provide you with a cohesive history of SSO though many individuals experiences. 

The Beginnings

Jesse, co-founder of SSO and Kirstin, former secretary of SSO and professor at the university of Manitoba, They will be talking to you about the SSO beginnings.


Rod Kueneman brings up how important permaculture is to us. Currently our green spaces are looking very plain, thin and empty of life. Now that our sites are becoming more developed we can see the reason why permaculture is beneficial to us.

The Struggles

Rod Keuneman and Barbra Ediger bring up a few of the many struggles that SSO has had to overcome, ranging from low turn up rates to nay-sayers.

The Successes

Rod Kueneman brings up how the garden sites are now fully developed and have even become a destination.